Time, accurate assessment data and (more importantly) students fulfilling their potential are the three most important factors for all schools.  With that in mind, we provide the following services:

1. Marking of exam papers - Many teachers simply do not have the time to mark multiple exam papers accurately. 
Reduce the ever-increasing workload by sending us your papers!  They will be marked by experts in the subject and then returned with  a full QLA report.

2. Moderation of marking - Exam marking can be a tough concept to grasp leading to many exam papers being incorrectly marked.  Not only does this provide schools with inaccurate data but, more importantly, students are not getting the targeted feedback required to help them improve.
Our expert examiners, many of whom have written GCSEs for the major exam boards, will moderate teacher marking and amend marks where necessary.  Detailed reports on the accuracy of marking will also be provided.

3. Exemplar papers - Struggling to explain a concept?  Students not sure how to break down certain questions on a paper? A subject expert will complete the assessment paper sat by students with model responses and hints/tips.  Teachers can then implement this into their lessons to improve progress of all students.

4. Original papers - Have your students exhausted all of the available past papers? Not to worry! We create original papers and mark schemes, tailored to your needs.

Student privacy is paramount to us and as such all student's identities will remain anonymous for any service we offer.  We ask that all schools/academies assign numbers, rather than names, to their assessment papers.  Results and feedback will then be matched up to these numbers.